The adoption process can be a scary and exciting progression for both the birth and adoptive family.  Having an attorney that understands the challenges of the adoption process is essential for managing this complex situation.

Birth Mothers and Pregnant Women

Placing a child with an adoptive family takes courage and unconditional love. The Rooks Law Firm, LLC believes birth mothers deserve to be well-informed of their legal rights and to have an attorney who will understand their individual needs.   We can offer assistance in helping you make an informed decision to determine if adoption is the right path for you and your family. We will explain the various options that are available and the assistance that you can receive.  As you progress with your adoption plan, we will be there every step of the way to offer support.

Adoptive Families

The Rooks Law Firm is eager to be a part of helping your family grow. The adoption process is a life altering journey that should be embarked upon with an attorney who understands your personal desires. We will explain the various avenues of adoption and help determine the path that is best suited to your family. During the adoption process, we will help you make informed decisions while protecting your legal rights. We understand the value of family and place it as our focus while serving our clients.